Another Successful QE Visit

Dear QE Collage,

I’m writing to say thank you for the exceptional, enthusiastic Tuesday you gave us.

During the day, I was having a whale of a time, but my favourite part of the day was Easter Tag Rugby. When I heard that we were playing Tag Rugby, I thought we were just going to put tags on our sides (I was wrong). We were actually using the tags as a tail and the objective was to get as many tags (tails) as you can. I love that idea! This is my favourite part of the day, but overall the day was epic.

As soon as the day had started, which was beautiful and sunny, I knew it was going to be full of excitement. The team leaders were very well organised and great role models for young people, who want to be active. When we did the quiz, I thought it was very helpful and factual. I like working with young people. How about you?

In school, we do a programme called Young Leaders, which is where we go into the infant yard and do sporty activities. Personally, I want to be an actor when I grow up because I like expressing myself and being a part of a team.

Like I’ve said, the day was exciting, enthusiastic and exceptional. Tuesday was filled with laughter and education (which is a good mix!).

Yours sincerely



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