The First World War was the first truly global war – fighting took place across the world.  Over 40% of the world’s population lived in countries directly involved in the conflict. Everyone was effected in some way.   From the icy waters of the South Atlantic and the North Sea… to the deserts of Arabia and Iraq… from the coasts of China and Turkey… to the simmering heat of East Africa… from the high peaks of the Alps… to the trenches of Western Europe… nearly 72 million troops were mobilised (71,497,467) on all sides… over half of them died, were wounded, taken prisoner or went missing (38,241,712)… there were millions more civilian casualties…

Britain recruited nearly 9 million (8,904,469) troops from across its Empire… more than a third of them died, were wounded, taken prisoner or went missing (3,190,235) When the war was over, the losses were felt by all… Britain was united in grief… the fallen were honoured and gratefully remembered…

100 years on and our shared living memory of the First World War, once so strong, is fading – that is why we have come together today to show our appreciation for the sacrifices made by so many.

We, at Dunn Street, are privileged to have been given a grant by the Armed Forces Covenant Fund, to allow us to take part in the There But Not There campaign: a series of art installations used in the defining centenary commemoration of the end of the 1914-1918 war.  They are installed, in the places where serving men and women came from across the country… in the communities they left behind.

Communities like our school – 174 ex-pupils from Dunn Street Boys’ School served during World War I.  14 of them died in action or from their wounds.

Leading Seaman John Joseph Cooper (aged 29)     Private Matthew Crooks (aged 29)  

Private Henry Graham (aged 23)       Acting Sergeant John Reginald Judson (aged 25)

Gunner John William Loader (aged 30)    Private Norman George McKenzie (aged 27)

Sergeant John Christopher Peterson (aged 23) Private Thomas E. Petherick (aged 18)

Private William Roberts (age unknown)  Engine Room Artificer John Sandilands (aged 36)              
Private Robert Hardy Dixon Thomas (aged 26)        Corporal Robert A. Walker M.M (aged 30)

Airman First Class Herbert P Warminger (aged 27)  Corporal James Heslop White  (aged 23)

This project aims to Commemorate, Educate and Heal…

The silhouettes commemorate those who died in the First World War through installations wherever there is a Roll of Honour; they educate all generations, particularly the younger generation, born nearly 100 years after the outbreak of WW1, and help us understand what led to the deaths of 888,246 British and Commonwealth service personnel and they heal today’s veterans who are suffering from the mental and physical wounds from their service by raising substantial funds through sales.

Thank-you to friends and family for your support.

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