My Amazing Army Day

Yesterday, my class and I went to Beamish.  First we went on a journey through a lot of terrain that was easy to cross and soon we got tour instructors Bill and Hannah.  We were split up by them because we first needed to know how you would have worked if you lived in England at the end of the 19th century (1910-1020).

In the first lesson, in the men’s munitions department, we made steam turbines for the ships.

We went through stages such as drawing the turbine, cutting it, folding it and finally constructing it. We got terrible news that Britain had declared war on the Germans.

When we got to the parade ground, we tried to stand in a straight line but some of us went out of the straight line! We did some exercises that trained us to be a soldier. We then skipped 4 years to go back to the factory and sack the girls.

In the afternoon, when we got to the farm, I was a bit too hyper. A group of us went and saw a few calves and cows and longhorns first. After that, the whole class was trying to see them. We saw a few pigs that were not territorial.

We got past some undulating terrain to get to the bus. Yesterday was the best day of my life!

Bret Y5

Yesterday, I had the best day ever. You won’t believe how good my day was at Beamish.

Firstly, we went into a hut. It took a little longer than I thought, but we still got there and I saw Hannah and Bill. We got split up into different genders [girls and boys] to do different activities. In my case, I was a munitions worker, in the girls’ case they were doing the house-work. We needed to make turbines for Emily Parsons’ ship. We were told that we needed to battle to save our future selves. The women took our place to work.

Secondly we trained to become a professional soldier. We did weird exercises but I am sure it would keep soldiers fit. Bill’s name became Sergeant Eliot and mine became Private Chandler. We also walked in a straight line together.

”4 years later!” Bill said. We went back to the munitions factory and the girls got sacked by the manager. I was surprised they got sacked that easily.

After that, we went to the farm. We saw pigs, horses and cows. We were at the farm for a little while then went to the sweet shop.  Someone was making peach and cream: it was lovely!

Lastly, we went to the gift shop and I got a slinky and a strawberry lolly. I tested it and it was about 5 metres – the slinky not the lolly!

Out of all my days in my life this was the best!

Kady Y5

Yesterday, we went to Beamish and it was brilliant.

First we went to the pit Village where we did a little role play. The boys were wearing granddad caps and we were making turbines that go on boats, then we got told we had to go to war.  Sargent Elliot trained us to be the best we can be. The Germans surrendered and we had to go to the factory and tell the others.  We kicked all the girls out of the factory and we got our jobs back. But it wasn’t all bad for the women because they got the vote in 1918. But you had to own property or be over 30 years old.

Secondly we went to the farm where we saw horses, trailers, chickens, pigs, cows and bulls. We saw two old Fords and behind the farm was a golf course.

Then we started walking to the gift shop.

I learnt who to train to be in the war and how to march in a straight line as well as how to be a soldier and make turbines for battle ships and normal ships.

We had a brilliant day: you should go on day!

Kurtis Y5

Yesterday, we had an educational day. Hannah and Bill came a few weeks ago.  We saw Hannah and Bill again at the munition factory.

In the factory, we put our feet in to people’s shoes and pretended we were that person and had to do some jobs at different stages. Some people were fast so they went to the stage where people were struggling and helped them. After Mr Elite was giving us 2minutes at each stage. We were constructing turbines until… Sergeant Elite came and we had to battle The Great War.

While getting told this, we had to get fit. We did some exercises. Before we did the exercises, we marched and marched until we got it right.

My favourite of the day was when the boys could be realistic person going on the battlefield and be a strong person doing it.

When we went to lunch, I loved how they put the pickaxe and the mask and the helmets in the window so when we go for lunch again they will probably be different things there, but if you picked up the pickaxe it would probably snap.

At the farm, I liked how I saw a calf running for freedom and the cows were lying lazily.

I hope we go again.

Dylan Y5

A woman’s work is never done…

Off to war…

The end of the Great War… but the start of something so much more… click here to learn more.

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    Loved reading the children’s reviews about their great day at Beamish. The pics are fab.

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