KS2 Sports Day

KS2 Sports Day took on a new format this year.  Parents and pupils enjoyed watching Year 3 and 4 boys and girls race over 400m and Year 5 boys and girls race over 600m to gain points for their teams.

There was then the culmination of a week of “Kicky Rounders” with all teams playing for more points.

Tug-of-war completed the morning with parents, teachers and children all being involved.

Thank-you to helpers on: refreshments – Mrs Moore, Mrs Ramshaw and Mrs Dunn; scoring – Mrs Hird and finish line co-ordinator / tug-of-war starter – Sarah from PWA!

Monies donated will go towards kit for next year’s event! Thank-you.

Rugby Rampages Through School!

From our Parent/Pupils After-School Club to Year 3/4’s Sky Try Rugby coaching and tournament to Year 5/6’s PE lessons, rugby has been enjoyed by many pupils this term!

Thank-you to Mr Taylor for fabulous sessions where everyone showed good progress whilst having a giggle!  Thank-you also for your generous gifts of rugby balls for each pupil participant!

Sky Try is all about helping more children enjoy Rugby League nationwide. It’s a ground breaking new partnership initiative between the RFL, Sky and the Rugby League Foundations.

Sky Try is the biggest ever programme of Rugby League opportunities in primary and secondary schools.
Sky Try is helping 700,000 more children and young people have fun, get active, grow in confidence and enjoy Rugby League.

The Sky Try campaign inspires children and young people through professional Rugby League clubs and major Rugby League events. Sky Try is changing the future of Rugby League by giving hundreds of thousands of children and young people a high quality introduction to the sport and helping them to find more playing local opportunities – from school teams to local community clubs and the award-winning talent pathway.

Year 3/4 Maths Cafe

We would like to say a huge thank you to all of the parents who joined their children for the Year 3/4 Maths Café this afternoon. We had fantastic feedback and everyone had a brilliant time solving lots of challenging, but fun, maths problems. See you all at the next one!


An Artful Day in Year 3/4

What a great day we have  had today. As we continue to forge links with the Customs House in South Shields we were visited by Elizabeth Kane who is the Learning Officer at the Customs House.

Elizabeth had invited us to participate in a project entitled ‘Power and Protest’  which the Customs House were delivering and has been funded by Historic England.

As a class we discussed what the words meant and looked at three protests that had taken place in South Tyneside:

The riots at Mill Dam, the Jarrow Crusade.and the Miners’ Strike. We had an excellent discussion about how people would have felt at the time.

Next we looked at a famous artist called Bob and Roberta Smith and we looked at his art.

Elizabeth then explained to us that we were going to use his art to inspire us to create our own using oil pastels on card.

The whole class spent the afternoon, working in pairs to complete their own piece of artwork.

As you can see below the results were fantastic.

As part of the project we will have our art displayed at the Customs House and the children will all receive an Arts Award.


Forbidden Forest Movie Trailer…

We have had a brilliant time in English, over the last month or so, creating our own movie trailer.

For Halloween, we all dressed up in our scary costumes and took the opportunity to take lots of video footage in the school grounds.

As a class, we then used the footage to help us create a movie trailer using different types of sentences to create tension.

We then picked our favourite sentences and inserted them into our movie trailer.

Watch the trailer of our movie ‘Forbidden Forest’ – if you are brave enough!




Homework Projects

Our class really enjoyed presenting their completed homework projects.

Last term, the children were asked to complete a homework project and their families were invited to get involved. The children chose something that they were interested in and as part of our ‘Speaking and Listening’ in English they had to present their completed projects to the class.

They were judged on how confidently they spoke to an audience and how well they kept the listeners engaged. They also got a mark for the time and effort they put into their project.

There were some amazing projects and the children were really engaged with the homework – which was fabulous to see.

Can I please thank all the families that joined in with their children. Your efforts are really appreciated.

Mr  Hymers


What a Ramble!!

In aid of Children in Need, Key Stage 1 and Year 3/4 went walking around our local area.  We enjoyed a stroll through Jarrow Hall, past Charlie’s Park, along the river and back to school.  We walked a total of 2.3 miles which is a fab achievement for little legs!

We had so much fun and Year 3/4 did a fantastic job of looking after Reception so we must say a massive thank you to them.

We finished the ramble with a selfie, like all good Rambles should end.