Cosmic Classroom & 500 Words

Today, Year 5/6 were part of a ground-breaking Live Video session with the International Space Station (ISS) and British Astronaut Tim Peake.  We played a part in an educational event that was streamed in 58 different countries, was the number one trend on Twitter and reached over 7 million users!

Tim says, “Looks like we’ve got some serious competition for zero-g fun!”…see what he means by clicking here!!!!

The International Space Station with ESA’s Columbus laboratory flies 400 km high at speeds that defy gravity – literally. At 28 800 km/h it only takes 90 minutes for the weightless laboratory to make a complete circuit of Earth. Astronauts working and living on the Station experience 16 sunrises and sunsets each day.

You can track the ISS by clicking here

…or here!!!

This is the view from ISS last night (02/01/16) – Tim said, “Tonight’s International Space Station pass over UK – anyone watching?…I waved.”

And what is even more impressive is… you can see the ISS from where you are… the best times are in the evening…

…click here to see the times when you might just get to see the ISS if the weather is on your side!

We watched as he performed simple experiments in space to show us the challenges faced by astronauts on a daily basis.

To visit the Cosmic Classroom click here.

To visit the Principia website click here.

We are also participating, for the first time, in the Radio 2 competition to write a story in 500 words…

To visit the 500 Words website, and get your imagination going, click here.




Beamish visit – 17th – BUS LEAVES 0930

Dunn Street are proud to have been asked by Beamish Museum to participate in the ‘Just One Spark’ programme currently being run by Beamish Museum (click here for more information).
Due to our proximity to the location of Hebburn Pit, our Year 5/6 class received a visit from Elisabeth a member of their outreach team.
This year celebrates the 200th anniversary of the trials of the ‘Davy’ mining lamp. The lamp designed by Sir Humphrey Davy was trialed at Hebburn Pit following action taken by the government to improve mine safety as a result of the Felling Mining disaster of 1815 that killed  300 miners.
Elisabeth brought some artifacts that the miners would have used early in the nineteenth century. The children also took part in some map work and used archive material to find out about the Felling Disaster.
As part of the package, our Y5/6 children will visit Beamish Museum on February 4th to take part in a workshop to see how the explosions occurred. There will be a chance to go into the drift mine and look at the Miners’ cottages.
There’s also a Half Term offer for everyone at school to get into Beamish Museum for £5.00, with Beamish providing a coach from Dunn Street  directly to the museum, free of charge... click here to visit the museum website.
Why not take advantage of this brilliant offer, this February half term?

Year 5/6 visited Woodhorn Colliery Museum (click to visit their website) as part of their Geography and Art curriculum this term.  Here are some of the children’s single sentence responses to the day:

“When we went on our excursion to Woodhorn Colliery, I had a fun time having a look at the fan and doing art work with the graphite pencil.”


“After our trip to Woodhorn Colliery, I remember getting a fright when the massive fan that made a lot of noise, turned on…the fan’s job was to get all of the gas out of the mine.”


“Since we went on an excursion to Woodhorn Colliery, I have learnt that artists use graphite as well as oil paints.”


“Having visited Woodhorn Collier, my favourite part was learning that miners had pretty much no protection and wore everyday clothes.”


“Now that I have visited Woodhorn Colliery, which was the best trip I’ve been on, I know that a big, noisy fan sucked up all the bad air from the mines and saved people’s lives… also a lot of machines ran using steam.”


“Having visited Woodhorn Colliery, I enjoyed seeing the videos and having a tour: I learnt what it was like to be a miner.”


“As I looked at the picture at Woodhorn Colliery, it gave me images of what it would be like down the mine.”


“Having visited Woodhorn Colliery, I can remember that carbon monoxide was one of the biggest killers.”


“Now that I have been to Woodhorn Colliery, the works of art, which were the originals, seemed intriguing and special.”


“Having visited Woodhorn Colliery, the thing I enjoyed the most was the art (it is my favourite subject) because I love to sketch and create.”


“After our trip to Woodhorn Colliery, I learnt a lot of things like how old you could be to go down the mine and how to draw with graphite which was quite hard.”


“After our trip to Woodhorn Colliery, I learnt that there were two shafts, which were very strong, so you wouldn’t get trapped if one comes down.”


“When we visited Woodhorn Colliery, I wore an amazing hat which was used to keep the miners safe – I also learned a lot about the Pitmen Painters who were mostly miners.”


Change 4 Life

Mr Black and five volunteers, voted for by their class, attended Change 4 Life Champion training on Friday.

They are now ready to bring the Change 4 Life programme to school.  Keep watching the website for more details to follow.

In the meantime, you may wish to visit the site which currently offers a FREE Sugar Smart app.  If you download the Sugar Smart app and start scanning, you will find out how much sugar is lurking in your food and drink – you might be surprised!  Click here to visit the site.



Here is the link to watch the video of the expected level of gymnastic ability that Mr Gilmore shared with Y5/6 at the start of the term.  Can you self-assess yourself?  Which of the movements can you perform?

Mr Gilmore also shared the inspiring coverage of Lucie Colebeck at the 2015 Tumbling Championships.  Click here to see the performance of a life time – and what it means to her….

South Tyneside Gymnastics Centre is your local provider – click here to see what is on offer.

“With a desire to learn something new,

        they could better express in art,

                what they found difficult to put into words,

their work, their life and their humour.”

The Ashington Group

This presentation is to be completed on your own.  You are encouraged to work with someone at home and talk about what you are doing.  Can they help you with ideas, skills and thoughts about your presentation to the class?

You must produce a piece of art work that you are then going to present to the rest of the class.  You ARE going to put into words:

  • What inspired your piece: “work”, “life”, “humour” or something else
  • How you went about creating it
  • Whether you have “learnt something new”
  • What the piece “expresses”
  • Anything else you want to share
What is being marked: Mark out of 5:
Confident speaking to the audience (use of voice, looking at people)
Keeping the audience interested (use of questions, not reading from card all the time)
Quality of props
Quality of homework (time and effort)
Total marks out of 20


Explore the Art Topic of The Ashington Group:

Our History Topic this term is Mayans.  What do you know? What do you want to find out?  Use these links below to explore a whole new world!

Get those Times Tables nailed… it’ll make your life easier in the long run!!

Our Science topic this term is Space….

If you find any other websites worth sharing, please let me know via e-mail and I will post them here!