Forbidden Forest Movie Trailer…

We have had a brilliant time in English, over the last month or so, creating our own movie trailer.

For Halloween, we all dressed up in our scary costumes and took the opportunity to take lots of video footage in the school grounds.

As a class, we then used the footage to help us create a movie trailer using different types of sentences to create tension.

We then picked our favourite sentences and inserted them into our movie trailer.

Watch the trailer of our movie ‘Forbidden Forest’ – if you are brave enough!




  1. What a sinister piece of cinematography… you should all be very proud of your hard work!! Miss N

  2. Kay Sanderon

    Loved watching your movie trailer. Some really scary costumes there. Brad’s mam,

  3. Joyce Greely M.B.E

    The children were very professional in their participation. I can see some budding film producers in the future. A lot of thought went into this and it shows. Well done

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