As we approach our return to school on Tuesday, I would like to welcome my new class comprising of some familiar and some new faces!

We will be looking at a book that the whole school will be studying and I thought you might like to know it is called… Here We Are!

Here We Are, of all my books, seems the most relevant for the world’s current reality, it began as a sort of comedic routine in pointing out the obvious but slowly it dawned on me the importance of re-remembering the basic principles of what it is to be alive on this Earth and appreciate it, right now. “ – Oliver

We will also be looking at what makes our world so special and what it means to us.  There are currently approximately 7,809,547,245 people living on planet Earth… click the image below to see how quickly this number changes:

We will be asking ourselves, what would our world look like if there were only 100 people?

Looking forward to catching up with everyone and getting down to some work!!

See you Tuesday!!

Miss N

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