Reception had such a busy day!

We began the with two whole hours at The Dunes Soft Play in South Shields which offered fun for every member of our class, including Miss Little who had a lot of fun exploring with us and chasing us around the Soft Play.  We had tonnes of fun playing football, hanging upside down, swinging, sliding, spinning, crawling and of course running around.


After what seemed like no time at all, we were putting our shoes back on and heading to The Story Room in The Word for lunch (which is always the most fun part of a school trip).


After we had munched our way through our lunches, we turned off the lights in The Story Room and watched as it transported us into different scenes from familiar stories and of course took us on a journey around the world.  We recognised places that we have visited in class, such as The Leaning Tower of Pisa, and were excited to learn about places we will soon be visiting like China and New York.


When we were finished our journey, we were given a short tour of The Fabrication Room in The Word which prints some brilliant 3D models including Tower Bridge, The Sydney Opera House and The Eiffel Tower.  Did you know the Eiffel Tower pictured below took 50 hours to print on the 3D printer?!  We set the printer off to create our own little ornament to take back to school and we went to create our video.


Off we went to the Recording Studio to create the most fabulous video showcasing our talents at singing songs from around the world.  We started in our home country with London Bridge is Falling Down and swiftly floated across the channel with Frère Jacques.  We then flew to America with She’ll be Coming Round the Mountain and then swooped back to Europe, specifially España, with Los Colores.  Everybody was so proud of how well we sang our songs with only a couple of days practice.  We were fantastic!

While we waited for our video to be created, we were allowed some much needed chill time in the library before the grand unveiling of our first studio performance.

We had the most amazing day, but it was super tiring!  We can’t wait to show you the finished product from our afternoon in the Recording Studio.  Keep your eyes peeled for the best music video of the year!

The Reception Team would also like to say a massive thank you to The Dunes for arranging our fantastic morning as well as a huge thank you to Amanda at The Word for making the afternoon so special and fun.  Our last gigantic thank you must be given to parents for helping the children to learn the songs at such short notice.

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