Can you choose one that nobody else does?

Where is it?

Why have you chosen it?

What makes it a special place?

Does this place have any natural features?

Does this place have any man-made features?

Does it have any rivers, hills, mountains and lakes or is it by the coast?

This presentation can be done independently or in a SMALL group (no more than 3 pupils).   You are still encouraged to work with someone at home and talk about what you are doing.  Can they help you with knowledge of a country or city that you do not know about?

You will have to present what you have learnt to the rest of the class AS AN ADVERT THAT PERSUADES OTHERS TO VISIT THIS AREA.

Watch adverts that encourage you to visit places…

Advert lengths have changed over the years and now they are either: 15 seconds, 3o seconds or 6o seconds.   You must NOT exceed 120 seconds.  Plan who is going to say what… engage the audience: make it interesting!  Be speedy! Be persuasive!  Be clear! Be brave – be successful!

Present about any city or country within The Six Nations … the choice is yours!

The presentation will be marked out of 40:

What is being marked: Mark out of 10:
Confident speaking to the audience (use of voice, looking at people)
Keeping the audience interested (use of questions, not reading from card all the time)
Quality of props
Quality of homework (time and effort)
Total marks out of 40

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