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Dear Parents and Carers,

As you are aware the children meet from time to time to discuss matters in school, These ‘Family Groups’ give the children a voice with regards to decisions being made in school. Yesterday  we  discussed the subject of having  sweets  in school. The reason behind the discussion was that the children were tested for weight by the school nurses at the end of last year and this brought to light that many of our children were deemed to be overweight and an alarming percentage classed as obese. Also school dental nurses checked the children’s teeth and their findings were that on average every child at Dunn  Street  had  close to two adult teeth either filled, decayed or missing. These results placed our school second from bottom in a league table of South Tyneside schools; 41 st out of 42. Our Healthy School Status needs to be renewed in 2016 and we will not achieve this with the current results. To address this we all need to work together.

Our staff  have received training from the school nurses and as a school we will be starting to include more lessons on dental hygiene and healthy diets. It has been made clear to us that the most damage occurs when the sugar is taken as part of a snack rather than during mealtimes. The discussion with the children has led to the suggestion being raised that foods high in sugar (sweets, chocolate, cakes, biscuits etc ) should not be given to the children for snack time. A ban on sweets would be difficult and only achievable with the help of the children but yourselves as well. The school staff  have also agreed not to have biscuits or chocolates in the staffroom at break times, so that the whole school community can try to achieve this ‘new year resolution’

I am therefore firstly asking you to support the children’s decision to not eat sweets at playtimes, however I am including a response form for you record your thoughts on the matter simply by answering the questions on the sheet and returning it to school. Once I receive the responses from yourselves  we can make steps towards improving the situation by selling low sugar products in the tuck shop, if indeed we decide to run a tuck shop at all. Guidance  to parents will be given from the school nurses with regards to what are considered healthy snacks and a chance for parents to come into school to listen to the school dental nurse will be provided.

I realise that this is quite a controversial matter, but these days schools are compared to one another  by the government not only  in terms of academic standards , but also in terms of  promoting healthier lifestyles. Our current situation means that we do not compare favourably with other schools in this area. This is the reason that we at school are asking for your support.

Return of the form below would be greatly appreciated….

Yours sincerely

S Reader … Headteacher

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