Sports for Champions have a mission to visit every school in the U.K and Ireland to inspire children to lead a healthy lifestyle.  They will be in Dunn Street on 14th February.  Your child will receive their sponsor form on Friday, 11th January and all monies should be collected and returned to school by 7th February.

Keeping Children Active

Through their visits, Sports for Champions can unleash a new found excitement in schools, positively inspiring children to ditch the computer games and fast food to become healthier and lead a more active lifestyle.

Inspire and Educate

They believe that every child is capable of becoming tomorrow’s champion!

Meet Top Athletes

Sports For Champions U.K Community Interest Company are the primary organisers for bringing Olympic, Paralympic, Commonwealth Games, World Championship, European Championship athletes into schools nationally.

We are looking forward to welcoming David Smith who represented Scotland at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014, where he is originally from. Now he trains in Birmingham but loves returning home to visit friends and family and get back to his roots. He was also placed 2nd in the British Championship and the World Trials in 2017 and was the Scottish Indoor and Outdoor High Jump Champion of 2017.

In his spare time, he enjoys hanging out with his friends, going to the cinema and he also enjoys playing on his Playstation and watching sport on the TV. He doesn’t really follow a strict diet but he does try and have a balanced diet, making sure that he gets lots of high protein foods.

Sports for Champions are proud to be members of the Fund Raising Regulator (FR) – they are also regulated in all that they do and they have to follow strict guidelines set out by the regulators– this means that schools, parents and pupils can be confident knowing that:

  1. The money raised by you is supporting athletes without sponsorship – you know upfront who they are.
  2. Your very own school benefits from an additional income strand, which supports increasingly stretched school funds.
  3. A very small proportion of the overall money is re-invested in our Sports For Champions project to enable us to continue visiting other schools nationally.
  4. All parties to this agreement have a clear understanding of their commitments to the Sponsored Challenge (including costs and administrative co-ordination)

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