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Re-read the opening to Macbeth – Shakespeare Without the Boring Bits…

Download (PPTX, 4.77MB)

Suggestions for writing exercises:

Can you re-write Macbeth in a different style?  Can you re-write your favourite part?  Can you draw a picture of your favourite scene and the write a description?  Can you write an advert for a new witch to join the threesome?  Can you write a newspaper report about the strange happenings after the murder?  Can you write a script between a Police Officer and Macbeth when he is questioned after Duncan’ murder? …or come up with your own idea?!

Have a go at seeing if you can remember who is who in the 32 second version of the play…

Download (PDF, 110KB)

Below are a range of lessons and activities for mathematics:

Download (PDF, 780KB)

Have a go at some art and French with this series of videos from FRENGLISH ART with Jack, Max and Gigi…

Primary Colours / Couleur primiaries

Seconday Colours / Couleurs secondaires

Messy Painting / Peinture desordonnee

Shading, Colours and Rainbows / Ombres, couleurs et arcs-en-ciel

Animals / Les Animaux







Fancy something different?  Click on the picture above for Edinburgh Zoo’s Panda Cam or Penguin Cam!!  There are also cameras for the tigers and koalas!!  Can you research any of these animals and create a presentation or Fact File?

Finally, for now, explore #TheGreatIndoors… click on the image below…

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