It is important to us that every child enjoys school and feels a sense of belonging.  We are proud of our inclusive ethos in which all contributions to the school community are valued and pupils are given the opportunity to achieve their best.

By providing a broad curriculum we are able to develop each child’s interests and horizons and recognise individual talents.  We aim to educate the whole child re-inforcing positive social, cultural and moral values in our daily acts of worship.  Pupils are given the opportunity to contribute through the Family Group system and regular ‘circle times’ and to celebrate their success at sharing, and merit certificate assemblies.

The children are encouraged to realise that “Good Enough is NOT Good Enough” and that staff will strive to do their very best for them.  It is the expectation that pupils and staff will embrace a positive attitude to learning and that only everyone’s best efforts will be accepted.

Further information, with regards to the School’s British Values, can be found by clicking here.