Year 3 /4 Visit the Salvation Army

Year 3 / 4 visited the Salvation Army in Jarrow to celebrate their 150th birthday with the Major and Majoress of Jarrow . The children learnt about the charitable work that Jarrow Salvation Army does for the local community. The children had the opportunity to dress up in Salvation Army uniforms, including a Brazilian uniform that Jaydan enjoyed modelling. They played musical instruments such as African drums and learned about the Ladies Fellowship work and how they help people in Britain as well as less developed countries around the world. The children discovered the harsh realities of life that children living in less developed parts of the world are faced with on a daily basis and were amazed at the wooden toys they had made. The morning ended with the children enjoying juice and biscuits and a little sing song before returning to school.

Click here to find out more about The Salvation Army and the work they do…



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