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How many minutes do we have
In our English – Year 6- SPAG  test?
I’ll tell you now there are forty five
In your English – Year 6 SPAG test!
Modal verbs: must, might and could!
Modal verbs: can, shall and should!
Pronouns: he, she, it and they
All our brains start to ping
As we get this close in Spring
To our English- Year 6 – SPAG test!
Now tell me know of what you know…
Prepositions: in between and below!
Past progressive what can it mean?
Was and were and something with an -ing!
I was working – there you go!
We were stressing – yes I know!
Past progressive in the bag!
No more speech marks to learn…
Inverted commas it’s your turn!
In our English- Year 6- SPAG test!
Which conjunctions can you name?
However, but and yet – they’re just the same!
Apostrophes what can they do?
Show possession… missing letters too!
Adverbs are -ly and more…
When and where and how – I’m sure!
Clauses relative…how do they start?
Whose, when and with or even that
If I get all this, I’ll eat my hat!!!
Active and passive pretend you care!
Find the subject and you’re almost there!
Is it doing?
Yes it is!
I am singing this song in a tizz!
Change it over, swap it round!
The song was sung… I think I’ve found –
The passive voice! Well I’ll be bound!
The show was enjoyed by everyone today!
Get it right and you can go and play!

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